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November 24, 2016, Jerusalem


Ellen Lapidus Stern   (lapidot)

e-mail: ellenlapidusstern@gmail.com



1.     Title and description of the proposed exhibit , sponsor, venue, curator.


As suggested by Judy Cardozo, an adviser to the Jerusalem Biennale 2017 and since I have a venue for my exhibit sponsored by the directress of Matan Torah Study for Women, Chaia Bina Katz in the lobby of her building at Rechov Rashbag 30, Katamon; I am applying as a solo, independent artist for participation in the 2017 Jerusalem Biennale.


As Rami Ozeri witnessed at my exhibit at Beit Hasid Artspace, I need no curator.  I will select and hang the paintings. Over the past 60 years, I curated 100 of my own exhibitions.  After early experiences with curators who hung my work either in groups or according to size or subject, in contrast to my way based upon color, movement, line and space, I now curate my own shows. 


Links to short art exhibit videos:

http:// www.artistlapidot.com  click “videos.”

You Tube: Lapidot Interview, TheDragon-TheTeapot-TheChildrenDancing.


The title of this proposed show is “Crossing the Spiritual Jordan”. 

My abstraction of “Women in the Bet ha Mikdash” exemplifies this theme. 

Some other titles are;


“Jerusalem Playground”

“The Watershed-First Bath”

“Birth in the Ghetto”

“Man Dozing After Prayers”

“Sade Boaz”


These oils live as immediate, uncontrived painting like a dancer’s pirouette achieved by years of developed dexterity manifested in spontaneous, well trained, learned and inspired expression.  


I will be hanging between 7 and 12 paintings at your recommendation.



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